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The Andalusian from Head to Toe

  Hidden Pond Farm is standing 3 stallions representing the TERRY, MILITARY, REGALADO, LEVITON bloodlines and in 2019 will be adding Oro Rey HPF, our homebred chestnut PRE stallion.   


   We actively participate in the world recognized valoration process of REVISION, the breed quality approval by the ANCCE of Spain.

   Always a selection of foals, yearlings, and stock started under saddle All saddle horses are started under the basics of dressage.

   Full board with training packages available, turnout with 14 fenced paddocks, 18 stall barn, full size dressage ring, 80x140 working ring, stallion collection and shipping semen on the premises with ability to collect with 24 hours notice. Stallions welcome

   Actively participating in USDF all breed shows and breed shows with many national and reserve championships.

   We are located 16 miles east of Cincinnati, OH.

   Established in 1998, focusing on the disciple of dressage, Hidden Pond Farm in New Richmond, Ohio has over 50 offspring working in dressage, halter, amateur reining, endurance driving, western pleasure, throughout the US, Canada and Mexico.

   Over 24 purebred Andalusians on the property including bay, dun, gray, and black. All horses of color are UC Davis tested for verification.

   Hidden Pond Farm offers purebred and half Andalusians, Stallions at stud imported directly from Spain, foals and youngsters for sale as well as young adults started under saddle. We also offer full board in a lush environment as well as training.  Visitors are welcome, contact us for an appointment.

PRE Spanish Andalusian  Horses

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 Since 1998

Dorado GF
In Memory of my first Andalusian Dorado GF who passed away Friday June 3rd at the age of 24.  Loved, adored, never disappointing. Loved the ladies and had lots of babies. I'll miss his beautiful face always in his stall window.   He is definitely in horse heaven love you "Apollo" ~ Pam

Hidden Pond Farm, Inc.
Focused on the

Discipline of Dressage

Andalusians are usually grays, ranging from steel gray to pure white. Bays are occasionally found. Blacks and chestnuts are extremely rare. Foals are born bay or black and turn gray at varying rates.

The Andalusian usually stands between 15 and 16.2 hands at withers.  A hand is equal to four inches.

The Andalusian's head is quite distinct. It is larger than that of the Arabian with a straight or slightly convex profile. It is not so large as to be out of proportion, nor small as to appear snippy. The forehead is very wide with eyes dark and kind. The ears are of proportionate length and well set. The nostrils are very large to allow tremendous air intake. The muzzle is large enough to accommodate the large air passages. The Andalusian’s head is well represented in ancient European art.

The neck of the Andalusian is of proportional length and well tied in. It is heavier than that of the Arabian and the Thoroughbred and it is cleanly elegant. The throat latch is clean and not course. The crest is well developed in stallions.

This is the highest part of the back of a horse between the shoulder blades. The Andalusian’s withers are reasonably prominent, not low or flat.

The Andalusian's shoulders are long and sloping with good muscles.

The Andalusian's back is strong and short, coupled and well connected at the loin.

The Andalusian's chest is strong and broad with well-developed muscles.

The Andalusian's quarters are strong and lean with a rounded croup. The tail is low set.

The Andalusian's legs are of proportionate length, clean cut and elegant, yet strong enough to support the robust body. They have straight, flat bone, large, joints, short cannons, strong well defined, sloping pasterns of good size and round sturdy hooves. The legs of the Andalusians are usually sturdy, yet are not coarse.

Mane and Tail
The Andalusian's mane and tail are both very long and thick.


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